Was Brooklyn Supreme the Largest Horse on the Planet?

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Brooklyn Supreme – History and facts about the world’s largest horse.

Whenever I think about the world’s largest horses, Brooklyn Supreme immediately pops into my mind. While not the tallest horse in the world, Brooklyn Supreme impressed with its enormous overall size. He was a Belgian Draft of incredible strength and prowess, and to make things even better, he was incredibly gentle and easy to work with.

It’s a shame that he lived so long ago, as this makes documenting his life quite difficult. Surprisingly enough, there’s not a whole lot of information available about Brooklyn Supreme out there. Original images, even fewer. That’s why I wanted to create this post honoring this unique and beautiful horse. Below, I’ll do my best to answer some of the most important questions you might have about Brooklyn Supreme – the world’s largest horse (in its own era).

How tall was Brooklyn Supreme?

Brooklyn Supreme was a tall horse, no mistake about it. He stood 19.2 hands in height, which is 198 cm or 6 ft 6 in. As we know from my article about the world’s largest horse breeds, a horse’s height is measured at the withers. Indeed, Brooklyn Supreme was an imposing horse to behold. Maybe even a bit intimidating, as most large horses are.

It’s worth noting that this particular horse was not the tallest in the world by any means, but it was the largest overall with a girth of 10 ft 2 in (3.10 m).

What breed was Brooklyn Supreme?

Brooklyn Supreme was a Belgian Draft. This breed is known for its impressive pulling power. Because of this, they’re often used on fields, tasked with pulling plows or carts. Before the arrival of advanced motorized equipment, loggers used Belgian Drafts to pull heavy logs from one point to the other. They were incredibly powerful and useful horses. They were valuable too, and most of their owners took good care of them because they acknowledged their worth.

As you can imagine, being the largest of an already large breed was an incredible achievement for Brooklyn Supreme. He was also the world’s heaviest horse, with a weight of 3,200 lb or 1,451 kg. This horse might have been the proudest representation of a Belgian Draft in its glory days. Today, a Belgian Draft of over 19 hands is a rare sight, but such a heavy one or one with such an impressive girth is basically unheard of.

Word is that in order to make a single horseshoe for Brooklyn Supreme, a farrier would need a 30-inch long iron bar (or a 76cm-long one). Apparently, the horse would also wear a 40-inch collar around its neck.

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How long did Brooklyn Supreme live?

This giant horse was born on April 12, 1928, and he lived on until September 6, 1948. If you’ve read my previous article about the average age of horses, you’ll have noticed that 20 years is not a very long time to live for a horse. It’s actually a bit below average, as horses can usually live between 25 to 33 years, with some reaching as many as 40 years of age.

Of course, we also know that smaller horses usually live the most. Given this horse’s immense size, it kind of makes sense that he lived only two decades.

Owner and quality of life.

This horse was first exhibited at the Earle Brown farm in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where it was foaled. Even before becoming unusually large, he became Grand Champion of his breed in many state fairs.

Throughout most of his famous life, he was owned by Charles Grant Good of Ogden, Iowa. Charles partnered up with a man named Ralph M. Fogleman, and they both decided to exhibit the horse around the United States. They used to charge people 10 cents for a single viewing.

Final words.

Brooklin Supreme was an amazing horse in its glory days, and it is still being regarded as the largest equine in the world in some parts. While the size record has not been acknowledged officially, there’s no disputing his impressive stature. We do know that he was the heaviest horse in the world at the time and that he had an enormous girth.

One of his great-grandfathers was another renowned horse named Farceur 7332, which was included in the Belgian Draft Horse Hall of Fame. If you have any other information you’d like to share about Brooklyn Supreme, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Images of this huge stallion are particularly difficult to come by, given that he lived in the 20s throughout the 40s.