Trendy Horse-Themed Decor Ideas for Your Kid’s Room

horse-themed decor

Decorating a kid’s room can be a fun and exciting task. Some animals bring sparkles to the eyes of kids – for example, horses or unicorns. Horses are strong and majestic creatures loved by both genders and stand for their wilderness. Is your little cowgirl or cowboy looking for a loyal companion in their fantasy kingdom? 

If yes, embrace these spectacular beasts in their room. Just find a style that appeals to your kid. Let us take a look at the following examples to have a better idea:

Horse Lamp with Changing Colors

Add a unique and eye-catching horse lamp on the side table in the kid’s bedroom. Nowadays, both remote control and touch sensor lamps are available in the market with various color-changing options. So, set the horse lamp in the kid’s bedroom so that colors rotate automatically.

You can also set the flash and brightness of colors for the light. With so many fantastic options, this décor item will be a great addition to your kid’s room.

Hang an Eye-Catching Wall Art

horse-themed decor ideas

Decorate the kid’s room with canvas prints or portraits of these majestic creatures. They can make the space look luxurious yet elegant. The bright color splashes with horses can make the kids’ room less intense but more beautiful. So, hang an amazing horse wall art on the walls of the kid’s room that can capture the spirit and beauty of the horse. It allows you to see horses even when away from the barn.

Horse-Themed Bedding Set.

The classy bedding set is the perfect décor item for a horse-loving kid’s room. You can choose some natural colors like creamy white, earthy brown, blackish gray for the bedding set. It will blend beautifully in the kid’s room aesthetics. Moreover, you can easily find environment-friendly beddings, so it is a bonus for a person with ecological values.

Horse Bench.

You can place a wooden horse bench in black or brown color in the kid’s room. It makes an excellent accent piece and simultaneously works as a seating option. The wooden horse blends beautifully with the color scheme and theme of the kid’s room. You can also use it for storage purposes. This unique décor item is an excellent addition to your kid’s room.

Repurposed Horseshoe Handles.

Add a touch of a barn at the kid’s room with a unique yet quirky handle made of repurposed horseshoes. This handcrafted item is sturdy and rustic, allowing you to add it to any door or cabinet of the room. In addition, you can also use them to hang towels or belts. It is a gun and an eye-catching feature for a kid’s room.

Horse Wall Clock.

The horse wall clock is a perfect addition to hang on the wall of the kid’s room. You can get a customized wall clock with a cartoon horse that adds a cute touch and is an excellent functional item. This wall clock, made from acrylic and durable material, is a water-resistant and long-lasting item that does not overwhelm the space.

Horse Head Garland.

Add a charm to the kid’s room with a horse head made of garland on the plywood frame. It features green leaves with a colorful bow or bells on a horse’s neck. These handcrafted décor items add color and unique style to the space.

Earthy Color Horse-Themed Area Rug.

Place a lush area rug in earthy colors that blend beautifully in the rustic aesthetics of the kid’s room. Moreover, it makes the kid’s room look cozy and adds texture to the space. This item spruces up the kid’s room flooring beautifully and makes a statement featuring majestic horses. In addition, an area rug is a soft item that prevents kids from injuries if they accidentally fall.

Let us make Horse-Themed Décor a Mane Event.

All kids who love these wild creatures desire to show their love for horses in their room. With different styles and colors, you can make horse-themed kids’ rooms look attractive and welcoming. Whether it is black, brown, or white color, you can add these amazing animals beautifully to the kid’s kingdom.