What Do You Call a Group of Horses?

a group of horses

The most common term to call a group of horses is well-known in the equestrian world. Do you know it, though? Today I’m going to walk you through the most common terms used to describe different groups of horses. Some of them might be incredibly familiar to you, while others might surprise you. First things first: what do you call a group of horses?

A group of horses is generally called a “team.” You’ll hear the term “team of horses” whenever someone is referring to a group of horses that work together such as pulling a cart or working the field. However, there are alternate ways of calling a group of horses, including a rag, a harras, a stud, and even a string of horses.

Is “herd of horses” correct as well?

You can use the term herd to describe groups of horses, but only when referring to horses that interact with each other outside. A herd of horses shares time on a pasture together. They perform activities such as grazing, resting, and interacting with each other as they would in the wild.

A herd of wild horses is also a correct term. Wild horses often form herds in the same way other animals would. The main difference is that herds of horses are generally composed of smaller, individual bands of horses. These bands generally have between three to five members each.

Alternative names for groups of horses.

Groups of horses can be called in different ways depending on the context, the horse’s gender, and even their lifestyles. Below you’ll find some of the most popular collective nouns for horse groups.

  • If referring to a group of colts, some equestrians will use the terms rag or rake. However, it’s worth noting that these two terms have fallen out of use in the modern age. They used to be much more popular in the 19th and 20th centuries, but fewer and fewer people use them today.
  • If a single person owns and uses a group of horses for various activities, that group will commonly be referred to as a string of horses. A string of horses is a group that’s generally in use by a cowboy. Each horse has its own purpose in the string, its own athletic ability, and its own disposition.
  • What about a harras of horses? It’s not a term that’s used often in our modern days, but some ranchers in English-speaking countries still use it to refer to groups of equines.
  • If a group of horses is kept only for breeding purposes, the correct collective known for it is a stud.
  • Horses that serve in the army or those used by police forces and other government agencies are known as troops of horses. A troop of horses is quite a sight to behold, as these horse groups are generally very well kept and trained.
  • Horse groups that live together in a stable also have their own collective noun. You should refer to them as a stable of horses.


Groups of horses can be called in different ways depending on the context and the horse’s main activity sector. Let’s do a quick breakdown of all the 9 terms used to describe them:

  • A team of horses.
  • A colt of horses.
  • A harras of horses.
  • A stud of horses.
  • A stable of horses.
  • A troop of horses.
  • A string of horses.
  • A herd of horses.
  • A band of horses.

If you know any other terms that can be used to describe groups of horses, please let me know and I’ll be more than happy to include them. Until then, I hope this short guide has proven useful to you.