Dreams About Horses – What Do They Mean and How to Interpret Them?

dreams about horses

Has a horse ever appeared in your dream? I’ve dreamt about them countless times, but not always under the same circumstances. Today, I wanted to create a helpful resource that would help others figure out a horse dream’s meaning. Horses are generally seen as a positive sign whenever they appear in our dreams. However, they can also have a few negative connotations depending on the context.

In general, horse dreams symbolize freedom, power, release from tension, ambition, personal drive, libido, fulfillment, and a sense of purpose. Horses are majestic and powerful creatures, and so it makes sense for them to have positive connotations whenever they appear in our dreams. On the other side of the coin, they can also symbolize increased risk in our ambitions, loss of control, or constriction.

People who work with horses are more likely to encounter them in their dreams than people who don’t. Furthermore, research suggests that females tend to have more dreams about horses when compared to males. For me, I’ve dreamt about them since I was little, and they’ve appeared to me in various circumstances and scenarios. Up next, I wanted to explore some of those specific scenarios in order to help you interpret your horse dream and figure out what it might mean for you.

Horse dream meaning in relation to the horse’s color.

A horse dream can have a different meaning depending on the horse’s color. Let’s explore some of the most common colors such as brown, black, and white, and see what they each represent.

A white horse appearing in your dreams can signify peace and good fortune. They’re always viewed as a good omen, and they’ve always been represented as such even in movies or books. White horses are the epitome of purity and elegance, and they’re also quite rare to see in the wild. In dreams, they can also signify improved relationships with the people around you, as well as success and general peace of mind. If a white horse pops up in your dreams, you can treat it as a sign of good fortune, and you can be grateful for the good things that are about to come.

Brown horses, on the other hand, signify our need to ground ourselves and to get in touch with our roots. The color brown has always been associated with the earth, so a brown horse in a dream can only mean a few things: the dreamer needs to ground himself, assess reality, prepare for change, and to gather his strength in order to face the challenges ahead. Fortunately, a brown horse in a dream can also signify strength. It means that you are now ready to face the obstacles that you were afraid to tackle before. The brown horse will give you the willpower and fortitude to do it. Whenever you’re feeling helpless or afraid, think of that brown horse and let its symbol help you overcome your fears and insecurities!

Black horses in dreams are not necessarily a bad omen. Even though black is the opposite of white, black horses often symbolize mystery, the unknown, change, and moving forward. They can also signify that you’ve overreached in your ambitions, or that you are driven too much by your sexuality. If you have dreamt about a black horse, make sure to give yourself some time to figure out exactly what it meant. As I said before, it doesn’t have to be bad. Its symbolism is just not as clear-cut as that of a white or brown horse.

Wild horses in dreams. What do they mean?

If a wild horse has appeared in your dream, there are only a few ways that you could interpret them. What makes a wild horse special when compared to a domesticated horse is that it is completely free to live its life in any way it seems feet. Therefore, a dream about a wild horse could indicate a desire to be free, to be unshackled. Maybe you feel constrained at work, or in your relationship. Your inner self might be trying to tell you to cut loose.

Still, wild horses can also represent a desire for adventure. Maybe you have some vacation days stacked up and it might be time to use them. Maybe you want to experience something you’ve never experienced before. Your dreams might tell you to be more adventurous.

As a negative connotation, a wild horse dream could signify that things are getting out of control. In this case, you might want to grab a firm hold of your life’s “reins” and get your house in order, as it were.

What if you dream of a stabled horse?

In the case of a stabled horse, things are quite clear: you are feeling constrained, limited by your surroundings, your job, or maybe your own friends and family. A stabled horse is not free to roam around and do as it pleases. it has a roof above its head, sure, so it might think that it’s content with its life, but the truth is that it wants to roam the plains as much as possible.

Humans don’t like to be confined to small enclosures either. Whether that enclosure is physical or psychological, that depends. However, a stabled horse in a dream sends out a clear message: you need more freedom in your life. Freedom to think, freedom to act, and maybe even freedom to dream bigger.

Other horse dream scenarios.

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A horse has crossed your path – If a horse crosses your path in your dream, then you needed guidance. The horse will act as a guide and will walk alongside you to make sure that you’re going in the right direction. This signifies your need for a guide, a mentor, or a familiar figure. You need some guidance in your life, so don’t shy away from asking for help from your friends and family.

Talking to a horse – If you are talking to a horse in your dream, it usually means that you’re trying to tap into your inner knowledge. Your subconscious is telling you to look deeper within yourself for answers. Now, the color of the horse can once again influence the significance of the dream. If you’re talking to a black horse, your subconscious is trying to awaken something in you. If the horse is blue, sadness is on the way, or someone is in dire need of help.

Falling off a horse – You fell off your horse in a dream. That’s an unsettling sensation, but also an awakening. You’ve been straying from your path and you need to reassess your priorities. If the horse bucks you, then your inner self is trying to give you a nudge. Don’t ignore your instincts when it comes to dreams and their significance. Falling off a horse is a clear sign that you need to change something within your life, whether we’re talking about physical changes or just the way you approach certain situations.

Betting on a horse – Dreaming about betting on a horse is more likely to happen if you follow horse racing on a regular basis and if you’re interested in putting some money on it, of course. The mere act of dreaming about a horse bet can indicate a strong belief in your risk/reward strategies. If the bet ends up being successful in the dream, you’re probably on the right path. If it fails, you may need to reevaluate some things.

Riding a horse – Whenever we ride horses, we’re faster, stronger, and completely in control. We get that power and extra confidence from the horse itself, but riding a horse also enhances our own natural instincts. Dreaming about riding a horse could indicate a strong desire and willingness to tackle your issues head-on. It can also mean a strong drive towards your goals, as the horse symbolizes that drive, the power that propels you forward.

A sick horse – Dreaming about a sick horse or a horse that’s on the verge of death could be a bad omen. It could mean that your subconscious is expecting something bad to happen, and so it prepares you for that eventuality. It’s a very specific dream so it’s rarely meaningless. If you dream about a dying horse, be extra vigilant in the coming days and expect the unexpected.

Catching a horse – If you manage to catch your horse in your dream, this usually means that you have a firm grasp on your day-to-day activities and that you’re moving in the right direction career-wise. If the horse eludes you no matter what, it is usually interpreted as a bad omen. Catching a horse requires skill and know-how, which is why this dream is often associated with one’s workplace or career. In order to become good at it, you have to work for it. Catching the horse means you’ve mastered your skills while failing to do so means you still have a lot of work to do.

A dead horse – Dreaming of a dead horse can be quite unsettling, but it’s not as serious as you might think. While it can symbolize the loss of friendship or the loss of trust in someone you hold dear, a dead horse in a dream could also signify nothing more than a mere warning. Maybe you need to let someone go from your life. If you’re at odds with a friend or family member, a dead horse might signify a strain in your relationship, or maybe a “burned bridge.” If you have such a dream, you’re probably unsettled and worried even if you might no realize it.

Dreaming that you are a horse – While this is definitely one of the rarest horse dreams, it’s been known to happen. If you dream that you are a horse, this means that you’re yearning for a stronger connection to your inner self. Your subconscious manifests itself as a horse and takes over. If you can remember it vividly, pay attention to how you felt in the dream. Were you free, were you encumbered? Were you running freely on a plain or were you in a stable? Maybe you were pulling a cart. The activity brings meaning to this particular dream, but also the horse’s color.


Dreaming about horses is a common occurrence if you interact with these beautiful animals on a regular basis. However, in order to interpret these dreams, we require context, as well as self-reflection and a clear mind. More often than not, we forget our dreams or we only manage to remember them partially. The more you remember, the more you can analyze, and the better your understanding of the dream will be.

I hope that this guide has helped you interpret your own dreams about horses. If you have any dream that you would like to share or ask for assistance on, don’t hesitate to get in touch.