Writing a Letter to Myself Was Both a Joy and a Challenge

Letter to my rookie self

I recently had the amazing opportunity to write a Letter to My Rookie self courtesy of HorseRookie. Writing it was both a joy and a challenge, as I never thought about expressing myself in such a fashion before. While writing it, I got to see a glimpse of my younger self, and I got to relive some of my most cherished memories.

It’s not easy to work with horses when you’re afraid of them. It’s definitely not easy to go out of your comfort zone. However, I’m proud to say that I have managed to overcome most of my anxieties over the years, even though I didn’t go through it alone. I have my trainer Emily to thank for it, but also my family, who supported me throughout my journey.

The horse I worked with in my rookie years, Constant, was an incredibly kind and gentle soul. He likely contributed the most to my “rehabilitation.”

If you’re facing similar challenges and dualities, I urge you to read my letter and maybe consider writing one for your younger self. For me, it had a cathartic effect, and it encouraged me to reach even higher.

Last but not least I would like to thank HorseRookie for giving me the opportunity to publish this letter on a well-respected equestrian blog.