100 Pegasus Names For Your Inspiration

pegasus names

The Pegasus is perhaps one of the most unique and beautiful incarnations of a horse. One of my earliest “encounters” with such a beautiful being was in the old video game Disney’s Hercules. Granted, the Pegasus is a recurring theme in numerous movies, children’s cartoons, and games. While winged horses don’t exist in reality and there’s no proof that they ever did, the idea of a winged horse holds a dear place in our hearts and still sparks our imagination to this day.

Today I’m going to present to you 100 outstanding Pegasus names, just in case you want to name your horse after a Pegasus. Alternatively, maybe you’re looking to create your own Pegasus in the digital world, or you’re looking for Pegasus name inspiration for your future book or art piece.

At any rate, the Pegasus is a famous mythical winged divine horse, and one of the most recognized creatures in Greek mythology. While generally recognized as a white-winged horse, the Pegasus can also be black, gray, or any other color you can think of. Finding all these names for it wasn’t easy, but I’m sure it will prove helpful to you and your efforts.

Pegasus names.

  1. Diana
  2. Morgana
  3. Valkyrie/Valkyr
  4. Poseidon
  5. Perseus
  6. Agamemnon
  7. Stardust
  8. Eloise
  9. Phantasms
  10. Calypso
  11. Sirius
  12. Aslan
  13. Andromeda
  14. Apollo
  15. Oberon
  16. Atlas
  17. Incitiatus
  18. Lobos
  19. Pharos
  20. Lycan
  21. Onyx
  22. Polar
  23. Lucifer
  24. Santiago
  25. Luce
  26. Primadonna
  27. Merlin
  28. Tornado
  29. Licorice
  30. Grendel
  31. Limoncello
  32. Orpheus
  33. Oceanus
  34. Ode
  35. Casper
  36. Primavera
  37. Delight
  38. Obsidian
  39. Lightless
  40. Xandar
  41. Oberyn
  42. Dawn
  43. Spirit
  44. Sorrell
  45. Quickness
  46. Finality
  47. Greyjoy
  48. Astrum
  49. Infinity
  50. Glimmer
  51. Flying Hoof
  52. Restless Wind
  53. Flutter
  54. Reverb
  55. Oxygen
  56. Feather
  57. Krilo
  58. Flugel
  59. Bapiro
  60. Volaro
  61. Blanco
  62. Bellu
  63. Legend
  64. Fabula
  65. Illum
  66. Svetloba
  67. Audaz
  68. Rapido
  69. Drago
  70. Finesse

Renowned Pegasus names.

While the Pegasus names I listed above are completely original, you might be interested in finding out about some established (already used) Pegasus names.

  • Swiftwind – the horse of She’Ra.
  • Devadatta – the winged flying white horse of Kalki in Hinduism.
  • Al-Buraq – the mythical steed who carried the prophet, Muhammad.
  • Tulpar – a winged horse from Turkish mythology.
  • Qianlima – the winged mythical horse from Chinese mythology.
  • Haizum – the horse of the archangel Gabriel according to Islamic tradition.
  • Abraxans – huge and powerful winged horses from the Harry Potter universe.
  • Tianma – a winged celestial horse in Chinese mythology.
  • Pegasus – the “original” mythological winged horse from Greek mythology.

Pegasi/Pegasus Ponies from My Little Pony.

My Little Pony was an incredibly popular children’s cartoon that featured (you guessed it) ponies as its main characters. Among those ponies, some of the happened to have wings. Here’s what their names were:

  1. Star Hunter
  2. Starburst
  3. Stormfeather
  4. Compass Star
  5. Endless Clouds
  6. Moonlight Zephyr
  7. Northern Lights
  8. Snowdash
  9. Sunshower
  10. Zephyr Breeze
  11. Soarin
  12. Blaze
  13. Fire Streak
  14. Sun Chaser
  15. Wind Waker
  16. Rolling Thunder
  17. Fluttershy
  18. Rainbow Dash
  19. Blossomforth
  20. Cloud Chaser
  21. Clear Skies
  22. Flitter
  23. Flutterholly
  24. Night Glider
  25. Open Skies


The Pegasus is an inspiring mythological being, no doubt about it. Finding a name that accurately expresses its uniqueness and beauty is no easy task, but I hope that I managed to put you on the right track at least. If you have any suggestions that you would like me to add to the list, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Until then, enjoy your newfound list of Pegasus names, and don’t forget to share it with your fellow Pegasus fans!